Geologist position in the regional mapping section

(a) Reconnaissance mapping

- Sichifulo River area (1992), QDS 1625 SE. 290 km² mapped
- Mupamadzi River area (1993-94), QDS 1231 SW. 1196 km² mapped, final report, geological map (scale 1:100,000) and structural map (scale 1:100,000) published
- West-Lunga area (1994), QDS 1124 SW. Control traverses and joint mapping

(b) Drilling and borehole logging

- Supervision of core-drilling operations in the Izuma basin (Southern Province of Zambia).
- Logging of fresh drilling cores for coal exploration in the Izuma basin, in conjunction with Maamba Collieries Limited.
- Field inspections in and around Mulungwa camp, Gwembe Valley. Inspection of drilling equipment and assessment of the continuation of the operations.

(c) Map editing projects

- Fieldchecks for map editing purposes including the Mulilansolo, Isoka, Chinsali, Mutangoshi, Ilondola and Luswa sheets, Northern Province.
- Compilation of the draft of the Tectonic Map of the Republic of Zambia, for the revision of the 1968 edition of the CGMW's International Tectonic Map of Africa.

(d) Site investigations

- Assessment of gemstone potential and exploration in Rufunsa constituency, Eastern Province
- Exploration of a silver anomaly in Chibombo, Central Province.