Lecturer at the School of Mines, Geology Department

a/ Lecturing of courses structural geology (GG331) and computer techniques (MG319), at third year level.

- GG331 - lectures and laboratory sessions structural Geology
- MG319 - lectures and laboratory sessions computer applications in Geology

b/ Fieldwork organisation and supervision

- Organise fieldwork for courses GG331 and GG511 in which mapping projects in various parts of the country are undertaken.
- Supervise student projects in courses GG331, MG319, GG511 and GG510 concerned with structural geology, computer techniques, regional mapping and mining geology

c/ Research

- Setting up the computer laboratory and advising in computo-geological applications (AutoCAD, SURFER, GEO-EAS, NEWPET, STEREO...).
- Research on the Irumide belt of Zambia

d/ Industrial placement

- As the industrial placement officer, responsibility is carried for the co-ordination,
supervision and placement of students of the School of Mines in the industrial mining
sector as part of their practical training.