Professional experience

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Fellow AIG and RPGeo#10156 (Regional Geology and Mineral Exploration)Fellow AusIMM #300690

Back in 1992, I graduated with an MSc in sedimentology, applying CT-scanning technology in non-destructive analysis of Tertiary sediments of the Paris Basin.  

I then focused my career on regional geological mapping, first with the Geological Survey of Zambia, and later with the British Geological Survey. 

Somewhere along that path I obtained an International Postgraduate Reasearch Scholarship at Curtin University in Perth, and joined the Tectonics Special Research Center (TSRC), where I completed a PhD on tectonics of Central Africa.

I joined SRK in 2008 and now run the structural mapping team in Australia, conducting regional and prospect-scale commodity-focused mapping work at a range of scales for mining and exploration companies.

My structural mapping experience has been focused mostly in Precambrian terranes. 

Mapping has taken me across the world, including Australia, Burkina Faso, Chad, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mongolia, Morocco, Republic of Congo, Republic of South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Western Sahara and Zambia, and in the Phanerozoic of Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Peru.

Present position as Principal Consultant (Geology), with SRK Consulting, Australia.

SRK Consulting

Past positions  

Senior Mapping Geologist (British Geological Survey). (06/2006 06/2008) 

Research Associate (University of Western Australia). (06/2004 – 06/2006)

PhD research on the Irumide belt of Zambia. (03/2001 – 06/2004)

Flemish Land Agency (VLM - GIS – Flanders unit). (09/2000 – 02/2001)

University of Ghent, Department of Applied Geology. (07/2000 – 09/2000)

University of Zambia (Under Flemish Inter University Council). (06/1998 – 07/2000)

University of Zambia (Under Flemish Technical Aid). (06/1995 – 02/1998)

Caledonia Mining Ltd. (12/1994 - 05/1995)

Geological Survey Department of the Republic of Zambia (08/92 - 12/94)

Consultancy work (before SRK)

Consultant, Sfariates-Ouassat Gold exploration programme, Mauretania (International Mining Consultants Limited)

Processing and interpreting geochemical data. Knowledge transfer to the Office Mauritanien de Recherches Geologiques (downloadable PDF version of the Geosoft Oasis Montaj and Chimera course given in Nouakchott, Mauritania (2.65 Mb))

Digital Processing and GIS work on Geological maps of Eastern Zambia, August-September 1999 (Geological Survey Department; Britisch Geological Survey – ERIPTA Project)

Digitising and GIS database creation of 19 (1:100000) map sheets covering Eastern Zambia.

Data processing and GIS work on Geophysical data over the Kagem emerald mine, Ndola, Zambia, August 1999. (Zambian Privatisation Agency ZPA)

Geophysical interpretation and GIS integration of ground magnetic, radiometric, resistivity and seismic data for Kagem Emerald Mine.

Digital Processing and Digital Data Processing, September 1999-February 2000 (Geological Survey Department; Britisch Geological Survey – ERIPTA Project)

Analysis of geochemical data on Mwinilunga and Kalene Hill sheets, Northwestern Zambia (downloadable PDF report from the GEOSOFT case studies site).

Practical course on Geographic Information Systems (use of Arcview 3.1), March 1999 (Center for Ticks and Tick Born Diseases, Lilongwe-Malawi).

A five day course on Geographic Information Systems offered to Veterinary Officers from Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The course included modules on Principles of GIS, Desktop Cartography, Statistics and practical use of GIS (Arcview 3.1) in planning as applied to Veterinary Medicine.

Desktop Cartography and Database design on Copperbelt Environmental Impact Assessment project, April 1999(Carl Duisburgh Gesellschaft)

Desktop cartography and conversion of GIS data for production of Environmental Impact Assessment maps of the Zambian Copperbelt.

Desktop Cartography of Kanyama and Chazanga Compounds in Lusaka, February 1999. Scott & Wilson Consultants)

Cartographic work based on aerial photography at scale 1:5000. Work included scanning of aerial photographs, collection of Ground Control Points (GCP’s) with relational Global Position System, Geocorrection of imagery, Mosaicing and heads-up digitising. Maps were produced with Arcview 3.0a.

Review of refractory Mineral Occurrences in Zambia, September 1998.

An extensive review and literature search to result in an Access database of all occurrences, a GIS model with all refractory mineral occurrences and detailed descriptions of all localities in a 70-page report.

Geological Survey of the Spillway at Kafue Gorge Dam, May 1996.
Zambian Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO).

Geotechnical study of the Kafue Gorge Dam to assess controlling factors in the deformation of the dam’s spillway gates. Ten days of fieldwork and three weeks of data analysis resulted in a 48-page report with recommendations on how to remedy and/or control the situation.