Fieldwork Zambia (2004)

Just after arriving in gool old Zambia - Mosi time !!

Bert and the locals near Chipata

Granitoid near Chipata

Bert scrutinising a charnockite

Bert can't get enough of the charnockite

Bert and Willy sitting on an outcrop

The man himself

Measuring strike

The fieldcamp in Lower Zambezi

Oh...that bloody car...kept on hooting...

Simon cannot believe this charnockite

Local transport

dangerous sampling by Bert

Curious goats

Group foto in the village

kachasu brewing

Simon labels his sample

mapping willy

mission impossible T-shirt

(Willy Nundwe's favourite)

panning for gold

Crazy Simon Johnson

Measuring stuff

Writing stuff

simon at an outcrop in Chakwenga River

Simon hammers Chipata rocks

Simon and Willy

Willy gets smashing

sugarcane driver


Nic e group foto

Willy and Bert

Willy and villagers

willy hammers again

Willy loading the car

Willy loading the car

Willy at an outcrop

willy panS
repairing the car
Willy Shows a digital picture of these kids

willy and simon