I've rekindled my interest in making music, using a computer, instruments and Presonus' Studio One

Here's a link to my musicpage (using SoundCloud as my repository)


It's all centred around a simple device: the Focusrite 2i2, which is an external soundcard with two ports in and two out.

I have the following instruments and kit:
My sons drum set, cheap but functional
My first ever guitar which I bought back in Belgium when I was 16 (acoustic, nylon strings). This guitar sound amazing and plays great
Toto's Fender Squire, start edition. A simple and cheap guitar
A Tobias acoustic bass guitar I borrow from a good mate (don't worry, I'll buy it off him in good time)
A Yamaha PSR-E413 keyboard I bought for my daughter Hannah. I use this as Midi controller as the sounds in it are nothing to write home about
My two Shure SM57 microphones. The best buy I've ever made! Good for instruments and voice.
My old Peavey Special 130 amplifier. This does need some repair as the reverb stopped working.
My two KRK Rokit 5 G2 Near Field Studio monitors