I recently started doing speleology (caving) again. I used to be very active back in Belgium, but largely gave up caving when I went to live in Zambia. Caving in Belgium is often a claustrophobic experience, with a few wonderful  watery caves as well (see pics below )

Caving in Belgium Caving in Belgium
Caving in Belgium Caving in Belgium

After my Belgian caving came to an end, I did spend some time caving in Sardegna (Italy) with my brother. Sardegna has some very nice, long and big caves, as well as well-developed canyon systems worth exploring (pictures below)

Caving in Sardegna Caving in Sardegna
The Flumineddu Canyon The Flumineddu Canyon

I've now joined the Western Australian Speleological Group (WASG) who are quite active in the Margareth River and Yanchep area, and sometimes conduct excursions elsewhere. The group is more than just a recreational organisation, and engages in a lot of activities including conservation, mapping and research.

Caving in Margareth River, Western Australia

Conservations is a big concern in Western Australia, where many cave systems are slowly becoming inactive due to a drop in the water table over the past decades. The Australian Speleological Federation (ASF) therefore provides a code of conduct for those entering cave systems.

Christmas Star, Margareth River Christmas Start, Margareth River